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Construction Services

When it comes to the construction industry every company and project is different. No matter what the size of your company or project is we can save you time and money while adding a lot of safety benefits in the process. Unmanned Aerial Systems also known as Drones can really do a lot more than just take pictures and video from above.  Here at Willis Acquisition we pride ourselves in making our value added services for construction firms faster, more efficient, a higher ROI, and a much safer environment. Ask how we can serve you and “Show you the Data!!”

Construction Worker
Modern House

Real-Estate (Commercial and Residential) VR 360 Tours

Welcome to the future of real-estate marketing Willis Acquisition will be there for the Real-estate   industry with are unmanned aerial solutions. Let us make a 3D model of your residential or commercial property to give the potential buyer an experience that no 2D picture can give you. 3D can give the buyer the topography of the area and really bring out the fine details of buildings, structures, and properties. We can continue the next generation of detail to the Interior by giving you a 3D 360 Virtual Reality Tour. Not only can you go into a room and look around in a 360 degree tour but you can look up and down also. This is a key separator from other VR Tours that we can provide looking up and down when it comes to real estate is critical. If you have the ability to look up and down you can clearly see if you have hardwood floors or carpet, popcorn ceilings or crown molding.  Additionally, the quality in an area of interest will be very hard to cover up a scratch with a virtual tour. A winning package especially for someone that is looking in California for a home or commercial building in New York. With these 3D models and VR tours you can quickly get a much better idea of what you are looking for or not looking for.  Let us show you how we can make your real estate sales sky rocket and give your company the competitive edge.


UAS for Photography & Cinematography

Photography and Cinematography is flooded with pictures and videos on Facebook, YouTube, and just about any area that you can think of. If you want something new and exciting look up!! From above Willis Acquisition can shoot awesome videos or take pictures that just isn’t possible from the ground for your company or event. A bird’s eye view can make an ordinary scene extraordinary. With 4K resolution or above we can give amazing detail from very far above. Let us find a way to extraordinary together!!

Intelligent, State of the Art Drone Solutions

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