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At Willis Acquisition Enterprise LLC, we believe that successful people never stop learning. This section provides a forum for professional discussion, where we share news, insights and the latest drone developments. We always welcome guest contributors - so please get in touch to share your thoughts and input with us.

American Football

Willis Acquisition Partners with Drone Media Sports

Jan 1, 2019

Drone Media Sports (DMS) & Willis Acquisition (Willis Acq) are excited to announce a new and exciting opportunity to support both local drone high school sporting events, and STEM education for youth/adults through drone curriculum. DMS & Willis Acq have decided to team up together to offer our community both drone entertainment with capturing high school sports footage and drone STEM curriculum.


  • DMS –Will head up the media aspect for school sports mainly focusing on high school activities like football, tennis, soccer and a host of other sports.

  • Willis Acq- Will head up the STEM drone aspect to not only compliment DMS’s effort but offer an educational component for workforce development, and skilled academic development for K-12 and higher education.

Positive Youth Inspiration


       At the end of the day it’s all about sending a positive message to our youth! This is about the future of our local community and we wanted to offer an exciting way to not only have an entertainment value with drones but a practical value as well. When you combine the level of engagement that drones offer along with STEM aspects and instruction in a way to land a good paying job you capture a formula for success. This will be for not only the local area, but state, and nationally as well. To sum it all up we wanted to not just bring entertainment to the kids but a pipeline to get awesome jobs after high school in a STEM career they will love. We not only want to just teach drones but other STEM fields that drones spill over into like: Robotics, Aviation, Energy, GIS, and a host of other STEM related professions.


Who We Are


Drone Media Sports, LTD. (DMS) was founded and headquartered in Dayton, Ohio. We are committed to excellence in capturing that most unforgettable moments in post play of any outdoor related events, be it concert, entertainment—most youth sporting events, commercial and residential development. Drone Media Sports Captures it all.   We strive to provide superior aerial coverage from the ground to the eye in the sky, with the latest technology in the world of (UAV) systems. DMS is equipped with Ultra High Definition (UHD) digital video and state of the art drone capture equipment.  We are committed to the cutting edge moment—that keeps you on the edge of your seat.


Willis Acquisition Enterprise (Willis Acq) integrates its consulting experience and qualified team with the latest in equipment technology and software to deliver the most innovative and intelligent drone solutions to achieve your vision. Our team has always championed technological growth, flexibility, and expansion at every level of the business. Willis Acq offers a talented team with the licensing and expertise to approach and complete each mission accurately, efficiently, and safely and in varying scales and complexity. Combining the newest technology with our experience and service capabilities, we will deliver the video & mapping solutions to meet your needs and give your business the competitive edge. We specialize in assisting in areas like: Construction, Energy/Gas/Oil/Renewable, Geospatial, Insurance, Photography/Cinematography, & Real-Estate.



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